Outdoor Play Test

I decided to take advantage of the clear skies today and do some play testing outside of my garage and use the bright sunlight to get better pics and to tan my pasty honky skin.

Some SHD Agents were taking on some Rikers who were looting Main St Foods, they are lead by their leader Gigi Ramone.

The fight was in the agents favour, but the Rikers put up a fight.

The media was there to catch events as they unfolded, they even had a drone to take aerial shots.


PS 4 Division Play

I finally gave in and got my PS 4. It is one of those things that is actually better than what I had hoped. The machine itself is smaller, quieter, and better than my PS 3 and I’m happy with it so you can imagine how happy I am with the 4.

I also finally got my hands on The Division. I got it at Walmart for $30, no season pass yet, that can wait.

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20170411102059

One of my characters, shores of Brooklyn at night.

The game is visually and audibly more immersive than youtube videos can show. I like how most of the sounds come from the TV, but I get ISAC messages from the controller and multiplayer chat is through a mic/headphone combo that plugs into the controller.

In terms of game play I’m hooked. I am not generally used to the controller, with my PS 3 I played mostly Gran Turismo 5 and used a steering wheel controller. So I am a bit clumsy with the controller but I am slowly adapting.

Currently I am playing two characters, my first character has gone to Manhattan and liberated the base. My other character is female and is close behind, I am currently clearing the precinct.

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20170412212503

My Second character with Splinter Cell gear on.

With the second character I am using the shield as my primary skill and with my clumsy play style it helps since I can make a stand and take some hits. The only bad thing about the shield is that only handguns can be used.

The game is over a year old now but as a new player I am kicking myself for not getting it earlier. I like the almost everything about the game and if I were reviewing it I would give it a 9.5/10.

Having the game is also giving me a better feel for the work I am putting into the miniature game. The two games have vastly different rules and style of game play, but I hope to capture the feel of The Division in my work.

As a side note The Division reminds me a lot of the Phoenix Command rules, with the exception of the player physically doing the aiming. The damage system is fairly complex with big numbers being calculated based on gear and character level. As a tabletop system however this gets too complex and cumbersome and is better left to gaming consoles and PC’s that can do the math.

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20170410205059

Tom Clancy’s The Division™_20170410205059

Gear and Scenarios

The Division features some interesting gear features which I am starting to implement for this game. As it stands right now this is how I will handle gear.

Generic Gear is equipment used by generic encounters like rioters and cleaners. For example a generic assault rifle will have no special equipment with it and will have standard damage and other characteristics. Generic gear can be purchased and is what agents start with. I plan on releasing the beta version with this gear so people can start playing and testing the system.

Model Weapons like the LVOA-C in the game can be modified (accessories added) and tend to be better than generics. They are the equivalent of low tier magic items in Frostgrave. They can be purchased, usually for twice the price of a generic weapon and modifications can be purchased. These weapons have Magazine, Muzzle, Under Barrel and Sight modifications all with differing properties. For example a character could add a suppressor on the muzzle to be able to attack and remain unseen by enemies, or the could add a recoil reduction muzzle break for increased damage. Many of the modifications are simplified from the video game, but this is mostly due to the more simplistic manner of the tabletop game mechanics.



Finally we have the high end named gear. This equipment will confer high bonuses for Agents using the equipment. For example the Ninja Bike Messenger Bag will give a character no movement penalty but allow them to carry an extra 3 items. Named weapons give a +1 shooting bonus as well as higher damage and this does not even include added modifiers from add-ons like sights and muzzle devices.


Pakhan LMG a named weapon

Special equipment will not be purchasable. Characters will eventually get these items by defeating major opponents or being higher level.

This gear system will have random tables and such but will be modified by  level ranges of the characters and the type of scenario. Solo scenarios for example will have no good gear with them, just normal gear etc.

Thors Day Update #1

This is my first, and hopefully not last Thursday weekly blog update.

First off there have been changes here at home that are for the better. The biggest one is the reorganization of my office area. I have more proper shelving and everything is generally cleaner and more ergonomic. The room is also in a yellow paint now so it is brighter and generally more positive.

Secondly is the change in scope of the game project. I am no longer working on my sole Uncivil War project. I have decided to amalgamate it into the world setting of Tom Clancy’s The Division and some of the other game settings by Ubisoft. The setting now will take place in a major city other than New York, it is going to revolve around the Green Poison Virus that hit and spread from New York, however the basic plot of the campaign will be different.

In the other city the virus will hit and effect the area but not as hard as New York. The result however will be just as devastating, numerous political and criminal factions will fight each other and the remnants of the government for control of the city. As a SHD agent it is your task to assist local authorities and suppress the insurgency. I plan to include some extras the video game did not offer like drone use (taken out of the game on release) and some extras like a CTos system in the city (from the Watch Dogs games) and some familiar enemy factions from other Clancy setting games. I plan on tying in many of the Ubi games to create a diverse setting for endless play possibilities.

I am going to release a simplified Beta version to the public and at the same time work on making this a viable commercial product. I plan on going to Ubisoft and Osprey Games to propose a joint venture miniatures game set in this world setting. I think if I can create the synergy between the rules set and the setting I think this would be a good game to release commercially.

The basic story, rule set, artwork is done. Making miniatures specific to this game could be done through already produced 3D models used in the games and 3D printed. It could them be made into a mold or sprew for gamers to assemble.

I still have some bugs to work out, with play testing before I release anything. But stay tuned I have weekly updates on the way and hopefully more till then.