Love Boat

I am finishing up my PCF or Swift Boat and have created some exchangeable extras for it.

I have the original twin 50 cal and 50 cal/mortar armaments. I have also adapted a TOW launcher from a 1/35 scale hummer model as well as a pintle mounted MG42 for an aft weapon. I have a search light as well for unarmed vessels.


This is the true configuration. I did not put the ring mount inside the cupola just so I can remove it. The Stern mounted 50/mortar is also not glued. In order to get the boat to stay level I did not glue the screws on and I trimmed the rudders.


The TOW mounted in the cupola.


Stern mounted GPMG.

Hey you young punk kids get away from my knotty pine!

Did a bit of Solo play and used my newly based trees. I used the cobblestone mat I have to do a battle set in the park.

Some Sk8r punk kids have taken the park fountain!

The local Russian mob boss wants his park back.


One of many trees violated by the punk kids.

Other Factions

The setting for Uncivil War is one where many factions fight over territory for control. I have specific factions in mind while designing this setting. I am listing some below.

Lions of Zion


A group of Militant Rastafarians, from Pier 6 district.


Dark Sun Security


A private security company owned by Harrington Enterprises.


Dark Sun Security has access to the best in military gear. Many operators are former military with experience in operations.

Civil Defense Initiative

The Civil Defense Initiative is a secretive organization within the secret service that is chartered with aiding local governments and organizations to restore order. These highly trained operatives will often “solve problems” that lower tiers of government cannot solve. They also investigate any people or organizations that seek to destabilize common order and stability.

Agents use a mix of military and high end “Eddie Bauer” kit to perform missions. 30940779073_22fb1bf1b0_o

I am also keeping the game open ended enough that anyone can create their own faction with its own unique personality and history.