A Little Late Again…But Progress!

It has been a whirlwind time here at home over the past few weeks but things finally seem to have settled down. I have been developing some game play mechanics to make the rules feel more familiar to Division players who may pick up these rules.

First off is the level cap, agents may be developed up to level 30. This means that after level 30 a player may not put anymore improvements into the agents stat line, improve abilities or gain new abilities. After level 30 players will have to obtain better gear for their agents in order to improve them.

Here is a video to briefly explain and visually show you:

I had finally got my first and main character in game to 30 level. Usually at level 30 you have either completed or are very close to being done the more linear campaign. When the campaign is finished the story continues with various missions and incursions which the player can avoid doing if they wish. The focus changes to getting better gear and getting a set that works for your play style. In a way you do roam freer and have more choice as to where to go next .

I will post more as it develops.

Just Another Update

I have been having to deal with a few sick children around here which has limited my time for game design work. I have managed to gain some insight from playing The Division on my PS4 however which has made me reconsider some design aspects.

I am going to do my best to have a high focus on the gear in the game, The Division is at high levels a very serious affair. I group with some guys who had lv 256 gear and I was only level 27. The best I could do was cause a diversion or resuscitate downed team mates, my weapons were doing pitiful amounts of damage. So as a result for the miniatures game the maximum limits for stats will be higher as will weapon and equipment bonuses. N.P.C’s will be adjusted for level to remain a challenge for players as well.

This past Saturday I managed to get out to Broadsword III in Hamilton, I didn’t stay too long but I did manage to chat with the guys at 6 Squared Studios and met up with an old military friend whom I hadn’t seen in 20 some odd years. I am looking forward to next year and hopefully I can run a game.

Another Thursday, Another Video, Another Con

I have another video up on the Youtube page. I discuss briefly the terrain and miniatures I plan to use. You can see it here: youtube

I will be at Broadsword 3 this weekend in Hamilton, my old stomping ground. I hope to talk with Six Squared Studios about some MDF terrain ideas I have floating around in my head.

This will be another brief entry this week but I hope to report again sooner with how Broadsword turned out and more info.



I did another video, just to give everyone a quick update: https://youtu.be/HrHys-OkpSg

For the most part I have a basic idea in my head for how the scenarios, random encounters and campaign will work out.

Scenarios will be fairly straight forward, with an objective and a set number of opponents per Agent and Specialist.

Random encounters will be events where the objective will be to reach the other side of the board or eliminate all opposition, loot will be at a minimum and the random encounters are intended to soften the player prior to an encounter or mission for a campaign.

For a campaign style of game I already have Lewiston divided into districts and will assign certain districts as low to high in threat level. The campaign will include the frequency of random encounters and a number of missions to be accomplished in a district.


This map is still valid, but will not be used for strategic game purposes.

I am just using the hex overlay version to give a basic idea as to the layout of a campaign model and to help present a story plot for the campaign.

For example the players might start in South Point and have to eliminate some Rioters and retake a strategic point in the area. From there they make their way to Ft Lewiston and break a roadblock to gain access to the base and more resources. Afterwards they slowly take districts and move the plot of the campaign along.

The campaign will be different than the video game but keep some elements which make the video game captivating.

Post Hotlead 2017

The past week has been a gas. Having attended the Hotlead convention in beautiful Stratford Ontario I feel re-invigorated and focused on this project.

The organizers did a great job with the layout and organization of games and vendors. Next year I plan on running a game or two as well as attending for the weekend.

I managed to talk to two vendors in particular Full Battle Rattle Miniatures https://fullbattlerattleminiatures.com/ and 6 Squared Studios http://www.6squaredstudios.ca/ mostly about future projects and and about what I am doing. As a result I am trying to get a beta release finished for The Division Uncivil War so I can get more input and play testing done. The interest seems to be growing and I feel I have to come through sooner rather than later or I loose that momentum.



I’m still working on the rules for Wargrave. I will be doing some play testing this weekend at a gaming club.

Most changes I have made are renaming abilities (replacement for spells) and some of the power levels. I have made it easier to use some and a bit harder to use others. The lowest starting ability roll is 10 a bit higher than some Frostgrave spells. Heal for example is now a ability roll of 10 as opposed to Frostgraves Heal spell needing an 8. Hack CCTV is the replacement for Wizard Eye (it assumes there are traffic and other cameras around). The highest roll is now a 16 with no modifiers. One Shot a Sniper ability that is the same as Strike Dead the Necromancer spell is a bit easier to get off, allowing those of other classes to use it. It also has been modified to be dependent on a successful shooting attack rather than a Will save.

All in all I have 64 abilities distributed among 8 classes evenly for 8 abilities each. Each class has 2 Related (+2, allied), 4 Secondary (+4, neutral) and 1 Tertiary (+6, opposed) class with the roll modifier being the same.

The spell like abilities have also been split between classes so most classes have some out of game and crafting abilities. This is a bit different than Frostgrave where the Enchanter would give equipment boosts and Summoners and Necromancers had a lot of free soldier summons.

I will hopefully have this alpha testing done soon and can release a somewhat stable beta version for everyone to try.