A Little Late Again…But Progress!

It has been a whirlwind time here at home over the past few weeks but things finally seem to have settled down. I have been developing some game play mechanics to make the rules feel more familiar to Division players who may pick up these rules.

First off is the level cap, agents may be developed up to level 30. This means that after level 30 a player may not put anymore improvements into the agents stat line, improve abilities or gain new abilities. After level 30 players will have to obtain better gear for their agents in order to improve them.

Here is a video to briefly explain and visually show you:

I had finally got my first and main character in game to 30 level. Usually at level 30 you have either completed or are very close to being done the more linear campaign. When the campaign is finished the story continues with various missions and incursions which the player can avoid doing if they wish. The focus changes to getting better gear and getting a set that works for your play style. In a way you do roam freer and have more choice as to where to go next .

I will post more as it develops.


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