Just Another Update

I have been having to deal with a few sick children around here which has limited my time for game design work. I have managed to gain some insight from playing The Division on my PS4 however which has made me reconsider some design aspects.

I am going to do my best to have a high focus on the gear in the game, The Division is at high levels a very serious affair. I group with some guys who had lv 256 gear and I was only level 27. The best I could do was cause a diversion or resuscitate downed team mates, my weapons were doing pitiful amounts of damage. So as a result for the miniatures game the maximum limits for stats will be higher as will weapon and equipment bonuses. N.P.C’s will be adjusted for level to remain a challenge for players as well.

This past Saturday I managed to get out to Broadsword III in Hamilton, I didn’t stay too long but I did manage to chat with the guys at 6 Squared Studios and met up with an old military friend whom I hadn’t seen in 20 some odd years. I am looking forward to next year and hopefully I can run a game.


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