I did another video, just to give everyone a quick update: https://youtu.be/HrHys-OkpSg

For the most part I have a basic idea in my head for how the scenarios, random encounters and campaign will work out.

Scenarios will be fairly straight forward, with an objective and a set number of opponents per Agent and Specialist.

Random encounters will be events where the objective will be to reach the other side of the board or eliminate all opposition, loot will be at a minimum and the random encounters are intended to soften the player prior to an encounter or mission for a campaign.

For a campaign style of game I already have Lewiston divided into districts and will assign certain districts as low to high in threat level. The campaign will include the frequency of random encounters and a number of missions to be accomplished in a district.


This map is still valid, but will not be used for strategic game purposes.

I am just using the hex overlay version to give a basic idea as to the layout of a campaign model and to help present a story plot for the campaign.

For example the players might start in South Point and have to eliminate some Rioters and retake a strategic point in the area. From there they make their way to Ft Lewiston and break a roadblock to gain access to the base and more resources. Afterwards they slowly take districts and move the plot of the campaign along.

The campaign will be different than the video game but keep some elements which make the video game captivating.


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