I’m still working on the rules for Wargrave. I will be doing some play testing this weekend at a gaming club.

Most changes I have made are renaming abilities (replacement for spells) and some of the power levels. I have made it easier to use some and a bit harder to use others. The lowest starting ability roll is 10 a bit higher than some Frostgrave spells. Heal for example is now a ability roll of 10 as opposed to Frostgraves Heal spell needing an 8. Hack CCTV is the replacement for Wizard Eye (it assumes there are traffic and other cameras around). The highest roll is now a 16 with no modifiers. One Shot a Sniper ability that is the same as Strike Dead the Necromancer spell is a bit easier to get off, allowing those of other classes to use it. It also has been modified to be dependent on a successful shooting attack rather than a Will save.

All in all I have 64 abilities distributed among 8 classes evenly for 8 abilities each. Each class has 2 Related (+2, allied), 4 Secondary (+4, neutral) and 1 Tertiary (+6, opposed) class with the roll modifier being the same.

The spell like abilities have also been split between classes so most classes have some out of game and crafting abilities. This is a bit different than Frostgrave where the Enchanter would give equipment boosts and Summoners and Necromancers had a lot of free soldier summons.

I will hopefully have this alpha testing done soon and can release a somewhat stable beta version for everyone to try.


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