Solo Play Test III, If it ain’t broke…..

I failed to take any pics so just read.

Doing a simple play test I discovered a fault in my logic. The previous article shows my mistakes. I noted where I went wrong and kept the original text and added some. It makes me look like a fool but I’m better for it.

I am taking Range Increments out of my Wargrave Mod for Frostgrave, the reason is simple: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I added a level of complexity to the game that was unnecessary, my intention was to have different types of weapons have varying levels of accuracy. In place of it I am going to have different Maximum shooting ranges.

Maximum Effective Ranges

Thrown Weapons: 12”

Pistols, Shotguns, Machine Pistols, Bows, Crossbow, Slingshot, Muzzle Loader: 24”

Sub machine gun : 36”

Rifles: 48”

Sniper Rifle, Aimed General Purpose Machine Guns: 60”

Anti material rifles, Heavy Machine Guns, Artillery: 72”

Much easier to remember and still adds a touch of realism. With a proper set up the ranges will more likely be less than 24″, it’s urban with lots of garbage, car wrecks and street stuff around.

Frostgrave is quite simply a brilliant system. With the way damage is determined shooting an opponent and wounding is quite hard and my rules addition just made it worse, so it’s gone. I found that because I would be shooting with an additional -1 or -2 modifier on top of target cover and imposing terrain that not only was I hitting less, but when I would hit the damage was too low against a target with no body armour on (10 armour).

So far the suppression rules and various equipment features are working well and they will probably will remain. Because of my mistake in the previous article I still have to do extensive testing but suppression still works since a well armoured target is still likely to get hit, but not take damage. it reminds me of the scene in Saving Pvt Ryan where the soldier gets hit in the helmet but it doesn’t wound him, he takes the helmet off distracted then gets hit in the head and dies. The idea with suppression is that inexperienced troops will cower more (low WILL) and it keeps Will relevant for game play purposes.

Lesson to be learned here always play test the hell out of what you are doing, be self critical and don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong.


Wargrave, now easier to hit and less bureaucracy.


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