Solo Play Test Pt II

I Edited this article because I really messed up, I left the mistakes I made in so that you can see where I went wrong.

So I ran a simple combat test with no special abilities between a Specialist (apprentice equal) and 4 rioters (untrained opponents, S,F and W all -1). My Specialist is armed with a SMG. img_0172

She is unpainted, one of the figures from The Women Survivors pack from Wargames Factory.


Round 1 has our Rioters behind medium cover, they are armed with melee weapons and can throw rocks (both are free weapons), the Specialist shoots her SMG. The SMG has the following attributes:

The Damage Bonus is +3, Range Increment is 10″, Cost is 25. In the notes section it indicates the maximum range and that it is capable of burst fire (with extra ammo).

Range Increment is a new rule edition. Every  10″ past the first 10″ imposes a +1 fighting bonus for the target, like obstructions. The obstruction rule applies still so the modifiers pile up quicker. Not all modern firearms have a maximum range, just the smaller and lighter weapons. If you had a huge playing area the range increment bonus to the target would get so high that hitting is almost impossible.

The Burst attribute in the notes section of the listing allows for a +1 shooting if the unit has the Extra Ammo item in their equipment list. For purposes of this article our Specialist does. Some weapons like bolt action rifles do not get the Burst ability.

Our Specialist attacks first, since they activate during the Specialist (apprentice) activation phase. She shoots a Burst. the target is 14″ away.


She rolls a 4, and even with the burst ability of her equipment she still has a -1 penalty (-2 shoot with burst+1= -1) for a total of 3.

The target rolls a 10, and applies a +2 total bonus (-1 fight, +2 med cover, +1 due to range increment) for a total of 12.

She doesn’t move and ends her phase.

The rioters are too far away to throw rocks (max range 14″), and they all rush forward moving a total of 9″ (regular and second movement), ending the turn.



Round 2 changes things for the better for our Specialist. With the medium cover and Range Increment now withing 1 range band of her weapon she fires at the same guy as before.

Specialist rolls an 18 (-2 shoot, +1 burst) for a total of 17.

Rioter only rolls an 11 (-1 fight) for a total of 10.

I got this totally wrong! I was sleep deprived or something:

“The shot does not wound however, even with the damage bonus of +3 (17-10=7+3=10), which is the same as the armour rating of the target. So no physical wound, we now introduce suppression rules into the mix. Now the target rolls Will, rolling a 4 (-1 Will) for a total of 3 well below the 10 Damage taken, the target is now suppressed.”

This is how it should have gone:

With a Damage Bonus of +3 the Specialist will do a total of 10 points of damage (17+3=20-10= 10) The rioter would be killed or mortally wounded.

So for suppression to occur lets lower our numbers so the Specialist rolls a 7 and the rioter rolls a 6, for 6 and 5 respectively. In this case even with a +3 Damage bonus the damage is less than 10 so the rioter takes no damage. The rioter would now make a Will Roll and gets a 7, but because he is untrained he has a -1 Will so his total is 6 lower than the attacker roll so he gains a point of suppression.

Suppression only occurs when targets are hit by explosives or firearms (melee and missile weapons do not cause suppression) that do not wound. The target makes a Will roll vs the attackers total and if failed they are suppressed. A simple marker is placed next to the figure. When they are activated next they will temporarily loose one action (mandatory move), after their activation the marker is removed. Suppression is not combined with a wound (the wound is the penalty for getting hit) and a unit can only have one suppression on it at any one time.


Example of a suppression marker.

During the rioters turn they all throw rocks, none of which hit and then the 3 non suppressed rioters charge forward ending up at the base of the wall.

Round 3 finds our Specialist in a bit of a pickle. She decides to throw a grenade into the middle of the mob. She rolls a 17 (-2 shoot) for a total of 15.

The rioters roll 2,6,8 and 14 (-1 fight) giving us 1,5,7 and 13 respectively.

Again I got this wrong:

Grenades have a 2″ radius and a +3 Damage modifier making the damage taken by rioter being (1) 7 points, (5) 3 points, (7) 1 point and no damage for the last rioter. Rolling for suppression on the last guy we roll 6 (-1 will) which gives us 5 equaling the damage (18-13=5) so no suppression is taken.

What would have happened:

All of the targets would have taken 8 points (15+3=18-10= 8).

The Specialist moves to the back opposite corner readying herself for the rioters about to climb up the wall.

From this point on I decided to stop the experiment. I was reasonably pleased with the results as these rioters going up against a lone level 0 Specialist would take casualties but still prove to be dangerous enough to constitute a challenge. If the specialist had a squad mate the results may have been a bit different unless more rioters were present.

Because of the increased emphasis on shooting combat NPC’s need to be handled a little differently than in Frostgrave. Having a recommended tactics section would be useful as well as allow for more effective solo play. It will also be interesting to see what happens with more players, Agents and Specialists using their abilities, and facing more lethal enemies.

More to come soon…….

The problem with playing many different miniature and role playing games with similar themes is that you can get your rules mixed up and crossed. This article is an example of this. Use this as a lesson kids it is a good idea to re read your rules occasionally to catch mistakes you may make.



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