Solo Play Test (part I)

I have been doing some solo play testing this week and have figured out some rules tweeks and modifications for Wargrave.

On paper I realized that here is less need to change how a squad (warband) needs to be created. I have 8 classes in the game: Assault (Infantry and heavy weapon types), Brawler (Melee and missile weapon specialists), Commander (Tactics specialists), Engineer (Explosives and Terrain modification),  Hacker (Drone and information specialists), Medic (Healer), Scout (Recce and stealth) and Sniper (Ranged death dealers). As I mentioned in the previous post I was going to give each leader a primary and secondary class, instead I am going to keep it closer to the original Frostgrave system of allied, neutral and opposed.

Every class has 1 Opposing class, 2 allied and the rest, 4, are neutral. The starting abilities are more the same as in Frostgrave with spells:

3 Abilities from Base Class at +0 Ability Roll

1 From each Allied class at +2, for total of 2

1 From each Neutral class at +4, for a total of 4

Instead of a Wizard you are playing an Agent. The starting stats are the same as a Wizard in Frostgrave. The equivalent of the apprentice is the specialist, like its Frostgrave counter part they have the same abilities but they have a +2 to all ability rolls.

Additional members in the form of grunts can be added to the players squad. They are treated like soldiers in Frostgrave.

The main campaign for the game is going to be similar to the MMO game The Division by Ubisoft. img_0167

A major catastrophe happens and the players have their Agents activated. It will be set in Lewiston, New Cumbria, U.S.A. Games that are more than two players will be co-operative games, with no more than 10 men on the agents side. The player who plays the OPFOR will also act as a sort of games master.

The players are agents for the C.D.I, the Civil Defense Initiative, a sort of last ditch the SHTF organization focused on saving what remains of the U.S.A after numerous events throw it into a bitter civil war.

I plan on continuing development of my city war board game as well, this can be thought of as a sort of second campaign system if players get bored of the various scenarios and story line the game has to offer. This is a sort of be your own king type game where management of resources is as important as winning battles.

More to come in the next part, part II…..



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