I have been taking a bit of a break from gaming and doing some trolling on facebook and youtube. Damn Nazi birds and their Milk! Trash Doves are awesome. Because of the break I have had a bit of a Eureka moment.

I was previously working on an RPG edition Uncivil War having been inspired from a Japanese TRPG called Gundog Revised. In it you make a character and choose 2 classes, there are 8 to choose from each with unique abilities. This means you can have a wide variety of characters capable of doing a multitude of tasks. I soon discovered it to be too big of a project to handle however and decided to put it away for a while.

I realized recently that Frostgrave is a perfect framework for my setting to use. I wish to keep the battle and miniature requirements small. I also want streamlined and simpler rules. Frostgrave meets all these criteria.

The result I call Wargrave.


Instead of Wizards and apprentices the player controls a commander and his 2IC. Spells are swapped out for similar class abilities (modified slightly, non magical and renamed). A focus on shooting combat and allowing the player to choose 2 of 8 classes creates a similar but different game. The game is still familiar and compatible with Frostgrave, if you wanted to run a zombie game for example just plop in some zombies and go.

I have different characteristics for weapon types, but the only real difference from a game point becomes the range increments (added rule for shooting combat) and the damage bonus for each firearm type. In order to do special attacks like spraying an area with a machine gun, the unit doing the attack has to have the ability (spell replacement) scatter shot in order to do so. Certain equipment will have an ability with them, like a fragmentation grenade has the Grenade ability, but such items are one shot, like a potion or scroll is in Frostgrave.

Abilities no longer cause health like spells do, but on the flip side a character cannot sacrifice health to get an ability off. This means that some abilities with a high target number will not succeed much of the time.

I still have considerable testing to do, but overall the scope of work is not overwhelming this time. Mainly this is due to most of the work being done, anyone playing this system would need to have Frostgrave and be at least somewhat familiar with it.



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