Hey you young punk kids get away from my knotty pine!

Did a bit of Solo play and used my newly based trees. I used the cobblestone mat I have to do a battle set in the park.

Some Sk8r punk kids have taken the park fountain!

The local Russian mob boss wants his park back.


One of many trees violated by the punk kids.


Other Factions

The setting for Uncivil War is one where many factions fight over territory for control. I have specific factions in mind while designing this setting. I am listing some below.

Lions of Zion


A group of Militant Rastafarians, from Pier 6 district.


Dark Sun Security


A private security company owned by Harrington Enterprises.


Dark Sun Security has access to the best in military gear. Many operators are former military with experience in operations.

Civil Defense Initiative

The Civil Defense Initiative is a secretive organization within the secret service that is chartered with aiding local governments and organizations to restore order. These highly trained operatives will often “solve problems” that lower tiers of government cannot solve. They also investigate any people or organizations that seek to destabilize common order and stability.

Agents use a mix of military and high end “Eddie Bauer” kit to perform missions. 30940779073_22fb1bf1b0_o

I am also keeping the game open ended enough that anyone can create their own faction with its own unique personality and history.


Brownstones and Bullets

Personally I find good terrain makes for a better game. When developing this setting for a campaign I always had in mind the type of architecture and the personality of the city of Lewiston.


Lewiston draws a lot of inspiration from other American cities, mainly Chicago and Seattle. Lewiston has a similar general architecture like Chicago, rains and has many surrounding mountains like Seattle.

Because of the popularity of zombie miniature games there is a wide variety of Chicago style buildings available. Here is one I have managed to assemble and paint.

There are quite a few companies that make good MDF terrain, Sarissa- Precision, TTcombat and 4ground. All of which have a place in Lewiston.

Faction File #3: St Michael’s Militia


St Michael’s Militia is a Catholic self defense organization. Tasked with protecting Catholic parishes and neighborhoods, this militia force was formed by the Bishop of the New Cumbrian Diocese. Catholic parishes and organizations became the targets of various political, religious and criminal organizations.

Members often have some formal military training. As a whole competency level is low compared to other more aggressive forces, however morale and dedication is high.

St Michael’s Militia members are easily identifiable, all members when on regular patrol or guard duty wear a distinctive Purple Beret and patch. Only when performing rare raids or more clandestine actions will they not wear these uniform items.

Often members of the militia can be seen working beside military and law enforcement personnel especially guarding aid stations and key infrastructure.