Faction File #2: Vory V Zakone (“Thieves In Law”)


Vory V Zakone is one of the largest Russian organized crime syndicates. Lewiston is a global headquarters for their operations, some legal like restaurants, credit unions, and shipping others illegal like arms dealing, off shore money laundering and protection rackets.

As a result they have placed considerable amounts of money, communications ability and security in Lewiston. In the Slavic community of Lewiston, Vory V Zakone, is both feared and respected.

Full time members of Vory V Zakone are well armed and experienced. Members will always have a handgun on their person and will often employ Russian made small arms, especially the AKSU-74. They can be identified by special tattoos that act as a sort of coded resume.



Club Smersh is the main headquarters for Vory V Zakone, the gang also operates other various facilities for both itself and it’s subsidiaries. They contribute heavily to organizations in Little Odessa.


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