Uncivil War 2.0

I have decided to work on Uncivil War again. This time however it is not going to be a RPG, it is going to be a campaign system and setting for skirmish miniature games.

I plan on play testing the system using Spectre Operations as my miniatures rule set. It utilizes a point system for purchasing units and equipment. The campaign rules will attempt to be as flexible as possible to allow other miniature rules to be used.

The campaign will consist of players playing a faction. The player can establish the flavor of their faction. It could be a mercenary outfit, a criminal gang or a political movement. They will have to manage resources like food, medical and ammo supplies as well as form new units in order to expand and hold territorial gains.

Above I have pictured some various miniatures to represent various factions, as well as drone types. My RPG materials are listed below and are available for free in PDF form.




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