Scales, miniatures, scenery etc.

In designing this campaign and the setting I have thought a lot about the ergonomics of game play. By “ergonomics” I am talking about the ease of setting up a game, being able to resolve a battle within a few hours and not needing to spend an obscene amount of money in order to play.

Playing Area

3'x3' urban gaming mat from Deep Cut

3’x3′ urban gaming mat from Deep Cut

I have recently purchased a 3×3 mat from Deep Cut Studios. I like how it represents a major intersection in a neighbourhood. Most battles will take place in an area like this. It has the advantage of being used on medium to large single tables ( like dining room or kitchen table) and it makes it easier to place dense terrain. When a scenario is written up it will often feature a set up area like this. If players wish to go bigger they just need to get a bigger mat or playing surface and add some peripheral terrain.


I am using a variety of various miniatures while designing this campaign setting. In Uncivil war players can make their own faction from scratch or use one of the games factions to form their units. Personally I’m happiest with Spectre, Empress and Project Z are my current faves since they have numerous figures that fit nicely into what I have in mind.

I do have it in such a way however that almost any miniature could be used. Say for example you have some WWII figures, simple solution a group a WWII re-en actors has banded together since they have automatic firearms. The only real limitation is that the miniature has to generally represent what it is equipped with.

The 28mm scale seems to be the best overall and I would recommend using 20mm round bases. The spectre rules call for this and it is easier to up base than to down base.

To up base just put you 20mm based figure and stick it to your 25mm round or square base with some tape or magnetic base. Then if you need to go back to 20mm again it is easy to do.

Hades Saints Bikers.

Hades Saints Bikers.

Carlists from Empress, different paint scheme.

Carlists from Empress, different paint scheme.

Some of Spectres offerings

Some of Spectres offerings

I finally plan on making the extra gaming materials easily printable and portable. The game will use various cards for strategic level turns and for scenario building.

Faction File #1: Hades Saints

Hades Saints MC


The Hades Saints MC was formed soon after WWII by former members of the 73rd Airborne Division that fought in the Pacific Theatre. Most members of this MC are Caucasian, but they do accept other non Asian people into their organization. It is forbidden for members to ride “rice grinders”.

The Hades Saints are another large organization with about four hundred members, about half being patched. All members have access to firearms, mostly handguns and can through connections can easily obtain fully automatic weapons. Experience level varies from militia to professional as most members have served in the military with many recent members having actual combat experience.

The Project Z Bikers would be suitable miniatures for this faction.

Uncivil War, Lewiston, city on fire.


This is the city of Lewiston, the battleground for the Uncivil War campaign. It is a large city with over 2 million inhabitants (pre civil war pop) and is the largest city in the fictional state of New Cumbria. It is situated on the pacific coast sandwiched between California and Oregon.

The areas in yellow are district centres. These are the headquarter areas for the various factions involved in the conflict. These areas provide a high number of assets for the player to draw upon to support their conquests in game.

The White Hex areas are regular nieghbourhoods. They provide some support if occupied and act as buffer areas to keep other players away from district centres. These areas are occupied by random factions and must be defeated by the players.

Uncivil War 2.0

I have decided to work on Uncivil War again. This time however it is not going to be a RPG, it is going to be a campaign system and setting for skirmish miniature games.

I plan on play testing the system using Spectre Operations as my miniatures rule set. It utilizes a point system for purchasing units and equipment. The campaign rules will attempt to be as flexible as possible to allow other miniature rules to be used.

The campaign will consist of players playing a faction. The player can establish the flavor of their faction. It could be a mercenary outfit, a criminal gang or a political movement. They will have to manage resources like food, medical and ammo supplies as well as form new units in order to expand and hold territorial gains.

Above I have pictured some various miniatures to represent various factions, as well as drone types. My RPG materials are listed below and are available for free in PDF form.